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Self-hatred leads to self-destruction… Self-hatred is something that can thoroughly destroy an individual. Toni Morrison raises. Throughout history American poems have been analyzed for what they truly mean. Many people use their analysis to show others or find out for themselves what a poem means. There are even writers who's only job is to completely analyze a poem down to every single word. Sometimes an analysis can even help someone else write a poem.

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There are a lot of different genres of poems including: allegory; epic; fable; satire; tragedy; etc. However, sometimes poems of two genres can mash together. Meaning a poem. But is this necessarily always true? His rule was "When you've got nothing to lose, you might as well risk everything". Lester Burnham and his wife, Carolyn, portray a perfect lifestyle to the naked eye.

Everyone sees Lester as a man with a perfect high-paying job and a perfect family that lives in a perfect neighborhood. But things are most certainly not what they appear.

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Lester hates his life. He is hated by his wife, Carolyn, and only daughter, Jane. Lester views himself as a failure to life. He has nothing that …show more content…. Lester was murdered by the homophobic father of Jane's new boyfriend, all due to an unfortunate misunderstanding. Lester Burnham lived an empty, meaningless life while those around him seemed to be happy.


Used to getting what she wants, she began by having an affair with her biggest rival in the real estate business, Buddy Kane. Colonel Fitts, had secrets of his own and subdued his weakness by managing a strict household for his only teenage son Ricky. His wife Barbara was apparently a figure in the household with clear signs of mental disorder, most likely as a result to a control-freak husband whose military training extended to the confines of his home.

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Ricky Fitts, harbored his own demons with an obsessive desire to take camera footages of moving objects. With an apparent desire to be free from the bounds created by a dysfunctional family coupled with feelings of isolation from other teenagers, Ricky became engrossed in a hobby while amassing enough money. The confining structure imposed by his father made him lead a dual life as he portrayed a totally subservient son to his father while on the one hand risked selling marijuana to Lester.

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Lester learned two different sides to his father. One side tolerated his chance to have a girlfriend, while another side clearly hated him dabbling in homosexuality. Jane and Ricky, two emotionally troubled teenagers swept against their own dysfunctional families soon bonded with each other as they both share and confront their inner feelings of inadequacy.

This young adult created a world of her own with make-believe stories of her sexual escapades in an attempt to portray a cool character. Apparently this revelation was too much for a teenager battling an inner identity crisis and allowed her to seek comfort and affection from a willing Lester, like a beast waiting to pounce on his prey.

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The worlds soon collided for the two families as regret and discontent pervade in the air. Colonel Fitts, wrong knowledge which his son Ricky led him to believe that he had been serving gay men for money was a strong motivation for the weak father. Beneath his strong demeanor had lain a soft heart ready to submit to homosexual lust. The loud sound of gun burst was heard throughout the house signifying the end of life status for Lester as their common link. She saw in Lester as the sole perpetrator of her inadequacies and vowed to end him with a gun she acquired in training.

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All themes whether cinematography, characterization as well as plot, all these are precisely conveyed. In general, this movie is eminently successful in counter and layered themes. What is more, the primary themes that the movie highlights all through the film are that of repression and denial, feeling connected versus loneliness, beauty both objective and subjective, reality versus appearance, chaos versus control, searching and change and also materialism.

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