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No other people. No cell phone. No computer. Just you, a pad, a pen, and your thoughts. Think about what really thrills you.

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When you are quiet, think about those things that really get your blood moving. What would you LOVE to do, either for fun or for a living? What would you love to accomplish? What would you try if you were guaranteed to succeed? What big thoughts move your heart into a state of excitement and joy?

10 Lines on My Dream

When you answer these questions, you will feel great and you will be in the "dream zone. Write down all of your dreams as you have them. Let the thoughts fly and take careful record. Now, prioritize those dreams. Which are most important? Which are most feasible? Which would you love to do the most? Put them in the order in which you will actually try to attain them. Remember, we are always moving toward action, not just dreaming.

Here is the big picture: Life is too short to not pursue your dreams. Someday your life will near its end and all you will be able to do is look backward. You can reflect with joy or regret. Those who dream, who set goals and act on them to live out their dreams, are those who live lives of joy and have a sense of peace when they near the end of their lives.

They have finished well, for themselves and for their families. Remember: These.

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My Dream Essay

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Some are now beginning to decide that the experiences gained by children at a younger age are not as ideal as that of academic success. These creates a divide between the two different parenting styles and makes us question who has the more ideal parenting style. There have been individuals who have pushed beyond their personal limitations and achieved the unimaginable.


These people have seen the importance of setting goals and doing their best to reach those goals. No matter whether they succeed or fail, the attempt will make them feel accomplished. To achieve this accomplished feeling in life, one must set the appropriate goals, dare to dream, and live each day to the fullest Good Essays words 1. Different types of dreams consist of day dreams, nightmares, lucid dreams, normal dreams, etc. Men and women both dream differently in a sense to what they dream about.

Adults and children tend to dream differently also.

All things considered how happy are you on a scale of 0 to 10?

There are different types of dreams. There are nightmares and day dreams. Day dreams are technically not dreams because it is just when someone is awake and just fantasizing She would always have the same dream every single night since her fourteenth birthday. For all she wanted was for the dream to go away. The dream would always start with her on center stage in one of the most enormous and beautiful places she had ever seen.

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She noticed how a single ray of light would shine down upon her face. The reason why the author felt she was smothered by the real world was probably because she found out that as growing older, life became more complex, and she did not have as much time as she used to have to enjoy life in the childhood, and therefore felt quite depressed about the way she was The caption for that commercial was "Navy. It's not just a job it's an Adventure" That caught my attention and I realized that I had no job and no future at this point in my life. I had no dreams, no ambitions, no goals and that commercial was about to change all of that.

That was the start of me setting my life changing goals. Goal setting is a powerful exercise. When you write down your plans, they have a way of becoming a reality But not exactly in person. Sound familiar. This is an experience that is not as rare as most people think. Powerful Essays words 4. By the time I turned 10, I wanted to be a movie star. I do not use that word lightly either. I had probably rather clean out my closet than go shopping. My mom always did the shopping around my house while I was growing up. Though, when it came to shopping for clothes and shoes, attendance was required.

I have always lived in a small town. It is one of those towns where the local beauty shop is full of gossip and the local restaurant is full of coffee-drinkers and cigarette smoke. My mom, my older brother, my younger sister, and I would load up in the car and drive to the shoe store Free Essays words 3. In researching this subject though, I found that everybody has and reacts to dreams, which are vital to your mental health. You will also find how you can affect your dreams and how they affect you. All over the world different people, scientists, and civilizations have different dream theories.

For instance, the Senoi tribe in Malaysia has a fascinating tradition of dream telling What if the dream, the reason to live, leads one to a futile life. In the Death of a Salesman, by playwright Arthur Miller, Willy the main character slowly dies as his dreams demise. I had to learn how to be a leader. I showed to my teammates my desire to win and my reliability earning myself the most improved player award voted by the team. By my senior season I earned team captain. I also lead my team to a league title and was voted Offensive Most Valuable Player by my teammates and by league coaches due to my ability to bring my teammates together.

I have always had an interest in movies and acting It started off at the beach with my 2 year old son and boyfriend. The beach was in a glass box.


My foremost dream in life essay: [Essay Example], words GradesFixer

My son then had an identical twin and they were getting washed away by the water. I yelled for my boyfriend to help me but he refused to help. I finally was able to save my son and the twin from the waves. I Then take my son and walk out of the glass box. I no longer have my son and there is a black spiral staircase Powerful Essays words Everyone dreams, whether they remember what they dreamt of or not. Daydreaming is another state in which the mind is elsewhere. The only difference is that daydreaming occurs while awake and dreaming happens during a deep sleep.

Surprisingly, dreams were first recorded clear back to the ancient days Term Papers words 5. In your own words, summarize the five goals of professionalism presented in Chapter 1 of the Morrison course text and explain your understanding of how each goal "plays a powerful role in determining who and what a professional is" Morrison, , p. Cite references to the readings and video programs to support your answers. The five goals that are in the Morrison text is 1. Child development and learning. My heart was thumping.