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The present articulation between Brooklyn College and the NYU Tandon School The undergraduate thesis allows students to apply knowledge gained in their.

Formal language You can make your writing more formal through the vocabulary that you use. For academic writing: choose formal instead of informal vocabulary. Objective language Although academic writing usually requires you to be objective and impersonal not mentioning personal feelings , often you may still have to present your opinion.

For example, you may need to: interpret findings evaluate a theory develop an argument critique the work of others. Move information around in the sentence to emphasise things and ideas, instead of people and feelings. Avoid evaluative words that are based on non-technical judgements and feelings. Avoid intense or emotional evaluative language.

Use modality to show caution about your views, or to allow room for others to disagree. Find authoritative sources, such as authors, researchers and theorists in books or articles, who support your point of view, and refer to them in your writing.

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Technical language As well as using formal language, you also need to write technically. Resources This material was developed by the Learning Centre, who offer workshops, face-to-face consultations and resources to support your learning.

Related links Learning Centre. Learning Centre workshops. Reading and note taking. Critical thinking. Arts and social sciences writing support.

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Links to 2 articles to analyze 5. Extension activi. This organizer was designed to aid students navigate through more complicated persuasive readings. It guides students through multiple readings of a persuasive text so that they aren't just reading to get the gist. Rather, your students will learn how to engage in multiple reads to analyze and eval.

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English Language Arts , Reading Strategies. Graphic Organizers , Cooperative Learning.

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It helps students analyze persuasive texts in a fun and engaging way. Day One: Students analyze commercials. Day Two: Students analyze print advertisements. Day Three: Students analyze short articles. Day Four: Students analyze books. Day Five. Activities , Fun Stuff , Assessment. This assignment asks students to analyze the persuasive techniques in two articles about gun control, then make a decision about which author is more effective.

I use this activity to help students better understand the techniques used by opinion writers and to introduce them to the techniques the.

Rhetorical Devices & Persuasive Strategies on the SAT Essay

Test Prep , Outlines. Reading Unit - Persuasive Texts. Students have opinions and often unabashedly share their thoughts with others. This unit of study explores persuasive techniques for advocating a position, selling a product, and inciting action through analyzing multimedia, exploring social movements, and engaging in activism.

Want to students to cr. Analyzing Persuasive Speeches by Kennedy and Reagan. It includes a graphic organizer to help students compare rhetoric and persuasive techniques in both of these speeches in terms of Ethos, Pathos, and Log. Persuasive Text Prezi. Since there were zero resources on teaching the Persuasive Genre that actually matched the learning objectives, I created one.

It is very extensive and took me about 3. I embedded media literacy as well. It includes 41 3-D slides that cover: Overview of the Features of Persuas. Printables , Prezis. Have students do all 13, pick 5 or you assign 5 based on individual student assessments. Quick easy look at analyzing Argument based text. English Language Arts , Reading , Writing.

Worksheets , Printables , Graphic Organizers. Analyzing Persuasive or Argumentative Text [Response page]. Devling into reading persuasive or argumentative texts in your classroom? Help students navigate the text by making it interactive with the form in this product! This form will help define elements as well as get students reflecting on what they've read!

These pages work well for students with some. Reading , Informational Text , Close Reading. This assessment covers: R. English Language Arts , Informational Text.