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Lord of the Flies OR. In the novel Lord of the Flies by William Golding, Ralph, who is an average juvenile, must take on the position as leader of a plethora of boys forced to become self-sufficient. At the start of the novel Piggy is not respected as a leader and is othered by the rest of the bigguns because of his physical characteristics. Piggy becomes a true leader and a champion of the ideals of sanity and civilization when he takes up the conch, the symbol of leadership on the island, and goes to Jack to get his glasses back.

Conclusion topic sentence: Although Piggy ultimately fails, he has made a remarkable transition in regards to leadership. At the beginning of the novel when Ralph is first appointed chief among the group, he attempted to make sure that the society had order and conformity.

Lord of the Flies Thesis Statements and Essay Topics

By the end of the novel, Ralph has lost all control over the people of the island, and now he represents what the group used to be. The idea of power influences every boy directly as the young survivors attempt to construct a society on an island isolated from the outside world.

Although Ralph, a charismatic twelve-year-old, reassures the others with logic and order in the beginning, his influence gradually diminishes as the island descends into savagery, and he himself loses his grip on true humanity. At the beginning of the novel, Ralph, a character seeking leadership, radiates a feeling of confidence and purpose.

As Jack and his hunters lose touch with morality and sensibility, Ralph realizes that he must compete with savagery to keep his power legitimate.

Lord of the Flies

He had a variety of jobs. Basically, any writing of this sort attempts to prove: What the author is trying to say in the book AND How the author. Character Analysis. Review Thesis Creation and Weaving. This is the WHAT? Lord of the Flies By William Golding.

Setting The setting of the novel Lord of the flies takes place on an inhabited island In the pacific ocean, In the.

Themes in Lord of the Flies with Examples and Analysis

Two of the boys,. Similar presentations. Hence, Piggy remained safe until there were a proper leadership and rule of conch. Yet he is instantly killed when conch becomes an obsolete thing. Relations between human beings is one of the greatest mysteries. This novel shows when relations between human beings degenerates they reach to low-down state. Seeing the corrupt humans, you may want to believe the animals are better.

Jack instantly orders the killing of Piggy when they become two parties, and war for domination ensues.

Character Essay of Simon - Lord of the Flies

Ralph and Jack are just two boys with normal relations. However, when Jack becomes his enemy, their relationship deteriorates. This is called dehumanization of relations; both boys turn against each other. It is generally believed that all human beings are good and that vice dominates only during trying circumstances.

However, Lord of the Flies shows a different perspective. It shows that not only human beings are good or bad, but also some have a tendency toward evil or vice such as Jack.

Lord Of The Flies Thesis Statement

This leads to a total lapse of character if there is no social or legal restriction on humans. This also shows that evil spreads quickly if goodness is not present to obstruct it with the same proportion. Although the theme of a community against an individual is a minor one, it runs throughout the novel. From the very start, when Ralph becomes the leader and Piggy supports him, Jack turns against them.

He forms his own group and community of hunters. Eventually, this community turns against Ralph after killing Piggy. Ralph is left alone and is on the run for his life. It shows how a community persecutes an individual who refuses to conform to destructive rituals. Lord of the Flies shows the progress of civilization through its incidents. The two group of boys, hunters of Jack and followers of Ralph, compete with each other. Ralph represents civilization, order, and rule, while Jack and his group represent savagery and barbarism.

The competition reaches its peak when conch is defied, and rules are broken.

Lord of the Flies - Characters

Finally, the hunters take over the island and hinder the progress of civilization. The representative of rationality, Piggy is killed, while Ralph runs for life.

Contrasting Ralph and Jack in Lord of the Flies Essay

When the children land on the island, they are left on their own. They do not have any social setup with traditions and rules.

Ralph and Piggy try to set up a decent society through the assembly with the help of the conch. However, due to the absence of responsible adult supervision and guidance, they soon resort to violence. The strong group of hunters see that there are no binding laws and punishing authority. Therefore, they form a separate strong group and try to break their rules.