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The present articulation between Brooklyn College and the NYU Tandon School The undergraduate thesis allows students to apply knowledge gained in their.

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To participate in this study and help further research on video games, you will complete a brief depression and anxiety instrument and a survey. You will not be receiving a clinical diagnosis of a mental health disorder by participating in this study.

Symptoms include stress, worry, irritability, restlessness, overwhelming fear, sadness, hopelessness, low self-esteem, fatigue, insomnia, or difficulty concentrating. You will then receive the individualized links to the depression and anxiety inventories.

These are confidential and personalized emails that will be sent from Pearson Clinical.

Each of these inventories should take approximately 5 minutes. It should take approximately minutes in total to complete the inventories and survey.

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The results of this study may be used in reports, papers, presentations, and publications; however, any identifying information will be omitted or disguised to ensure confidentiality and anonymity. Contact Us Sitemap Privacy Advertise. Let us know you agree to cookies We use cookies to give you the best online experience.

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Let us help you find a Masters Let us help your funding search. Koko arkisto Nykyinen kokoelma. Tarkennettu haku. Video game-related user-generated content UGC is a relatively new phenomenon but has already proven to be an asset to gaming companies in the increasingly competitive gaming market.

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However, an active use of UGC by gaming companies can result in strained relationships between a player who has created UGC and a gaming company who have used it without compensation. Therefore, it provides means to draw a distinction between new works that only the player has the right to dispose of and derivative works that the gaming company allegedly has a right to use.

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The method of the master's thesis is legal dogmatic as its main purpose is to study the current state of law in Finland. However, it also contains some comparative elements as a basis for the study is provided by the examination of judgments made by the US courts and discussions held among US scholars about copyright in UGC. Because of this, video games are deserving of research and critique.

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  4. In video games, women are often underrepresented or hypersexualized, while men can be hypermasculinized. Many times, racial and ethnic portrayals in video games paint the person of color as victims of violence, villains, or sports athletes, while white characters take the role of hero or protagonist.

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    Heterosexuality typically goes unmarked and is considered the default sexuality, and homophobic sentiments and slurs are prevalent in the gaming community. With the lack of marginalized representation, gamers can queer video games through role-playing, queer readings, and in-game modifications. Furthermore, an intersectional analysis of video games is a missing gap in the literature, and this research aims to fill this gap.