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In absence of channels of communication, supervisors will not be able to give instruction to their subordinates and management will not receive the information it requires to develop plans and take decision. Good communication always helps employees become more involve in their work and helps them to develop a better understanding of their jobs. Clear, precise and timely communication of information also prevents the occurrence of organizational problems.

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Effective communication is essential for achieving organizational goals, but ensuring such communication has been a major problem for most organization. In general, communication may be defined as the process by which the information is exchanged between individuals.

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There are many components to communication. Also, reflect upon all the people we communicate to: subordinates, peers, supervisors, customers, and groups of people. In addition, ponder some of the reasons, why we communicate: to get and give information, to discipline subordinates, to make assignments, and so on. We already know that communication is a big part of our daily existence. In a survey of companies and organizations conducted by the National Association of Colleges and Employers and published in the Wall Street Journal, effective communication ability ranked first among the desirable personal qualities of future employees.

In a national survey of human resource managers, oral communication skills are identified as valuable for both obtaining employment and successful job performance. In yet another survey, executives in Fortune companies indicate that college students need better communication skills, as well as the ability to work in teams and with people from diverse backgrounds Association Trends, The point of these examples is that honing your communication skills should be a priority for you as you seek to advance in the workplace.

Although many articles and books have dealt with interpersonal and organizational communication, most of them are not based on systematic research findings. Hodgetts and Stuart A. Rosenkrantz is based on original research in communication. The researches observe managers at work in various organizational setting and also studies the self reports submitted by them to understand the process of communication in organization. They developed the managerial communication model to explain the different style of communication used by the managers and to provide a framework for understanding how managers communicate in organization.

In formal organizations, the design of communication channels is based on the assumption that all the divisions and departments are self contained and do not facilitate communication among employees at the same level. This poses the serious problem when circumstances demand such communication. If an individual wants to convey some message to an individual from another department, the message has to be passed up to the highest managerial level and then down to the individual.

The reply from that individual is also received in a similar way, leading to huge delays.

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Chester Barnard felt that communication played an important role in shaping organizations. According to him, Communication forms one of the three primary elements of an organization, the common goals and willingness to serve customers beings the other two elements.

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Communication whether written or oral, helps an organization attain its golas, but it can also give rise to problems. For instance, if a particular message is misinterpreted, an inappropriate decision may be taken. This decision may be taken. This decision may result in losses to the organization in long-run.

Barnard related communication to the concept of authority.

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According to him, for authority to be delegated from a manager to sub ordinate, all communication originating from the manager must be clearly understood by the subordinate. He believed that a manager should try to understand the meaning of the message before communicating it to his subordinates. Barnards indentifies seven communication factors that helps establish and maintain objectives authority in an organization. Managers share the responsibility in communicating effectively with the individual employees themselves.

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This includes establishing an open and trusting climate for communication, as well as demonstrating good communication techniques to their employees. These interruption act as barriers to communication, which may totally prevent communication, or delete a aprt of the message, or convey the wrong meaning. Some of the barriers to effective communication are discuss below.

Filtering: This refers to the manipulation of information by the sender so as to obtain a favorable opinion from the receiver about the project in which there is significant progress but does not inform him of the project that are lagging behind. Selective perception: A person perceives information on the basis of his needs, values, experience and background.

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His personal interest and expectation influence the way he decodes information. For instances, if an interviewer believes that women give more priority to their family than their professional career, he is likely to perceive this. These barriers may also lead to distortion or miscommunication of important messages.

In addition to physical ones; there are emotional barriers, cultural disparities, language differences and employment of jargon, among others Better Essays words 3. The importance of effective communication and teamwork in delivering patient centred care will be addressed and how it can influence the engagement of the individual once establishing a therapeutic relationship. It 's an NMC requirement that all nurses must use excellent communication and interpersonal skills and therapeutic principles to support patient centred care and engage in professional caring relationships Nursing and Midwifery Council NMC Better Essays words 5.

Through the interpersonal communication communication between two or more people process, people can exchange information, create motivation, express feelings or apply penalties for inappropriate behavior, all within the workplace Robbins, et al, According to Eunson people who lack communication skills in the organization should be trained to deal with different situation that involve communicating effectively It dictates the relationships formed with the individuals in personal and professional lives. Effective communication provides a foundation for trust and respect to grow.

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It also helps better understand a person and the context of the conversation. Individuals often believe that their communication skills are much better than what they actually are.

Communication appears effortless; however, much of what two people discuss gets misunderstood, thus leading to conflicts and distress There is a sender and a recipient when we are endeavoring to communicate between us as individuals or groups. Communication is most renowned for information from a sender to a recipient.

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We should have effective communication when we are at an enterprise and individual level because we have to communicate with every person that we come in contact with Better Essays words 2. If there is a lack of effective communication within an organization it can potentially affect every process. Every aspect and function of an organization relies on communication in some form. A supervisor must realize that only by ensuring effective communication can they have the proper expectations from their employees.

Employees must receive adequate instruction, understand what their responsibility contains, and never feel as if they cannot talk to their supervisor Better Essays words 4. They consist of courage, commitment, competence, care, compassion and communication.

Initially they were formed in response to the failings that occurred at the Mid-Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust, therefore leading to the development of the Francis Report, which highlighted a whole system breakdown Francis The main aim of their development was to reintroduce the importance of these core values to the success of nursing care My only thoughts were why had this patient lied and concluded that she may be amplifying her symptoms or potentially attention seeking.

However, this did not affect my treatment towards this patient and she received the investigation and treatment she needed in which to recover as instructed by the registrar.