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Even Robin Prior and Trevor Wilson, two very vocal critics of Haig agree that the men that would fight for Britain at the Somme were inadequately trained, citing the lack of resources, officers and equipment as the issues that plagued preliminary training programs in the UK. Haig was limited in the options that he had and due to the date of the assault being far closer than he had originally anticipated, he did not have the time properly train and organize the army that he had been given.

Despite this Haig has still been criticized for his lackluster use of artillery and his inability to adapt to new technologies.

Douglas Haig - Butcher of the Somme or hero?

Artillery Issues. Melchett : Now, Field Marshal Haig has formulated a brilliant new tactical plan to ensure final victory in the field. Blackadder : Now, would this brilliant plan involve us climbing out of our trenches and walking slowly towards the enemy sir? Darling : How can you possibly know that Blackadder? It's classified information. Blackadder : It's the same plan that we used last time, and the seventeen times before that. Melchett : E-E-Exactly!

And that is what so brilliant about it! We will catch the watchful Hun totally off guard! Doing precisely what we have done eighteen times before is exactly the last thing they'll expect us to do this time! There is one small problem. Blackadder : That everyone always gets slaughtered the first ten seconds.

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So it would seem that although Haig was unable to change the overall issues that plagued the artillery and was forced to work with it, he still made some errors that potentially cost the lives of even more soldiers. Here it can be seen that he was in fact responsible for some of the casualties, but mainly the criticisms of Haig when it came to the logistical failures of the Somme, were largely out of his control.

Lack of Communication. This thusly does take some of the blame away from Haig, and makes his actions seem reactionary. This mode of giving orders was highly inefficient and hampered operational synergy, due to it being impossible for commanders to lead at the same time because the orders would never be given to all the commanders simultaneously. This made parts of the battle extremely disjointed, as men in the trenches would rarely use radio or telegraph to communicate with their local commanders, generally using runners or carrier pigeons to carry orders from place to place.

He also explained that they were unable to co-ordinate with artillery to form a coherent plan as how to provide proper suppressing fire in tangent with the attacking infantry, this was mostly put down to archaic artillery officers that were present with each unit, yet had trouble actually reaching artillery command. New Technologies.

Haig, Butcher of the Somme - GCSE History - Marked by

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Sebag-Montefiore, Hugh. Somme: Into the Breach. Page I was punished by the head teacher. You can boost readability by exhibiting that the second action was as a result of the to start with.

The Western Front: Lions Led by Donkeys?

When applying informal transitions, you should really constantly be eager on setting up the character of romance in between sentences and paragraphs. You must not confuse additive with sequential.

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In the situation of additive, the latest point is only straight similar to the preceding. On the other hand, in case of sequential there is a connection among all the factors mentioned in the sequence.

Examples of additive transitions are:rnIn addition to, moreover, equally, similarly In other words, to illustrate, for instance. They can be employed to keep away from run on sentences wherever the reader is compelled to go through a prolonged sentence without a pause. For instance, permit us contemplate the subsequent sentences:rnTechnology has produced daily life less difficult through the introduction of devices this kind of as intelligent telephones and technologies has also promoted peace Technology has produced existence less difficult by the introduction of devices these as smartphone.

Also, it has also promoted peace.

The readability is bad and it could be baffling. Even so, you can develop a marriage concerning the two thoughts by introducing an additive changeover.

Was General Haig to Blame for so Many Deaths at the Battle of the Somme?

This helps make it easy for the reader to observe the link. Alternatively of adding, they clearly show conflict amongst strategies. Examples in this class are:rnRegardless, nevertheless, nonetheless Otherwise, regardless, on the other hand. The words in this classification are generally used when writing an assessment or argumentative essay. Home Propriedades Blog Contato. Minhas ofertas salvas 0 48