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The present articulation between Brooklyn College and the NYU Tandon School The undergraduate thesis allows students to apply knowledge gained in their.

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Has your company taken a short-sighted approach to deploying RFID? Don't know.

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Case Study on Inventory Management Improvement

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Great Lakes Foods - Warehouse Management Case Study

Levi's Manages Stock at Nearly Percent Accuracy Store inventory counts, which were accomplished annually and took 12 hours to complete with 10 employees, can now be carried out using RFID tags once a month, requiring only three hours for two workers. Door Factory Gains Logistical Efficiency A company in Santa Catarina has halved its container-loading times, while efficiently controlling its inventory of more than , units.

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Lockheed Solution Tracks Fighter Jet Parts Around the World The RFID-, GPS-, cellular- and satellite-based system allows the aerospace company to track the components of multiple aircraft lines from when the parts are packed in containers until they reach their destination. Drug Company Automates RFID Tagging of Compounded Products Nephron Pharmaceuticals is making its own RFID-enabled labels to attach to each compounded syringe products it sells to hospitals and health-care providers, so that they can be tracked from the point of shipment to patient bedsides.

RFID Drives Efficiency, Sales for Carvana The online car retailer is managing the location and status of tens of thousands of used vehicles as they are received, inspected, processed and delivered to hubs and then to customers.

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Sporting Goods Retailer Boosts E-Commerce Efficiency An RFID solution from Lyngsoe Systems and Consignor enables XXL to automatically detect if an e-commerce "pick up at store" order parcel is being shipped to the wrong location, thereby preventing errors before they can happen; the system can identify when goods reach a store, then send a text message or email to the consumer. Stores Following a three-month pilot of RFID technology for inventory management at five of its stores, the British fashion brand found that revenue was up due to improved inventory accuracy and product availability for customers.

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Due to growth and expansion of their business, with one warehouse having up to locations, it became clear to Aaron Watson, the director of operations at Bapmic, that there was a need for inventory taking to follow a more optimized route. This quest for a better process to address auto parts inventory software challenges led to the finding of Finale Inventory.

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  • Inventory Management Case Study (1) | Carousel Industries;
  • Prior to using Finale Inventory for their auto parts inventory management software, Bapmic auto parts relied mostly on QuickBooks enterprise version and MS Excel. This is a system that was good enough for a small budding business but as the business grew the process became bulky, tedious and hard to control. According to Aaron, the search for better inventory led to him research various other applications but none of them made work as easy as Finale did.

    With the use of Finale, Aaron was able to convert all Bapmics inventory within a matter of days and was impressed with the ease of functionality, user interface, and ease of implementation.

    Inventory Management Case Study | AchieveGlobal

    At Bapmic Auto Parts, they use the Finale's auto parts inventory management system to track shipments, prepare invoices, scan and label shipments with the lower level making use of the scan gun to properly pack goods. The upper-level staff also use the scan gun when required but they tend to use Finale more on the PC to oversee orders or take phone orders and build invoices. The best thing about finale inventory according to Aaron is how it has helped them significantly cut back on both the paperwork and the time spent on it.