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Review the job description again and check out the latest news on the company. Ask yourself why the organization is hiring for this role. In other words, what pain point will this position solve? Remember, the recruiter already has your resume - there's no need to rehash your entire work history in your cover letter. In fact, I believe this is why so many employers disregard the cover letter; they've read so many bad cover letters that merely summarize their candidates' resumes, that they see no need to read them. One cover letter tip is to surprise the hiring manager by using your opening to demonstrate your understanding of the company's position in the marketplace and its needs and then highlight your experiences and accomplishments that speak to these requirements.

Avoid these common cover letter mistakes. Hire a TopResume writer today. Even if you're applying to an anonymous job listing, a common cover letter mistake is using boilerplate text. While your introduction may not be as specific as it would be for a position where the employer is known, this doesn't give you license to use a generic template for the main sections of your cover letter. Based upon the job description, make a list of the top requirements for the role.

This may have to do with your knowledge of a certain topic or an industry, your experience performing a particular task, or your education and other credentials. Then, brainstorm how you possess each prerequisite, referencing a specific contribution, accomplishment, or experience from your work history that illustrates these qualifications.

Summarize this information in a paragraph or a set of bullets. This is a great way to customize your cover letter and grab the reader's attention. As I previously mentioned, some employers, especially those in the healthcare, education, and legal sector, still value a cover letter and will request one in their job description. Do yourself a favor and re-read the job description carefully to provide context to your cover letter dos and don'ts.

Often times the employer will request certain information to be included in the cover letter.

The last thing you want to do is ignore this request, as the reader will assume you are not detail-oriented and unable to follow the simplest of instructions. When you're competing against a large pool of candidates for one role, the smallest cover letter mistakes could be used to eliminate you from the pile. These days, we've grown all too reliant on spell-check and autocorrect to edit our communication. Follow this simple cover letter tip: Reread your cover letter. Then read it again.

Then hand it over to a trusted friend. You know, the one that majored in English. They're great reads!

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If recruiters spend an average of six seconds scanning your resume before deciding if you're a fit, how long do you think they'll spend reading your cover letter? Here's another set of cover letter dos and don'ts: your cover letter shouldn't be any longer than is necessary to get your points across. And it definitely shouldn't exceed one page. Also, keep its readability in mind. Similar to your resume, try to create white space in your cover letter by avoiding dense blocks of text. If you're uploading your cover letter as a separate document to an online application, ensure it uses the same header as your resume.

Also, make sure the font type, color, and size, the contact information you provide, and even the name you use on both documents remain consistent.

While you can use a cover letter to explain an employment gap or your interest in relocating to a new city, don't overshare your personal details with a prospective employer. The recruiter doesn't need to know the gory details of your back surgery or how you had your heart broken and need to find a new city to call home. These extraneous details can't be used as selling points and will only detract from your qualifications and candidacy. Click on the following link for more job application advice.

Your resume should be mistake free as well. Is yours? The only time I ever even saw my cover letter during an interview was with a boutique, that had a book of the candidates that they were interviewing. Each person had their own tab, with their resume, cover letter, and transcript. I was asked both about my resume, cover letter, and why I got a B in one class lol. But this was a small boutique that was interviewing a very limited number of people, not a huge bulge bracket bank.

I think cover letters can be important in consideration for an interview if they're read, since it's very important to be able to logically express your interest in banking and your skills, and to just be generally literate. If I were reading resumes, I'd want to read the cover letter, particularly after reading some of my friends cover letters lol.

But on a practical level, I think that often people who are screening resumes just don't have time to do this at least at the bulge brackets. This is just my opinion, but I think a cover letter might be most relevant for applicants from non-native English-speaking countries or non-targets to ensure a high degree of general literacy and clarity of writing. I know that's how the essay portion of the GMAT works at least - supposedly it's only read if your native language isn't English.

I think you can rest easy. You lucked out, so don't worry about it anymore. If by some chance someone actually does read your cover letter now and asks about it, just apologize and say it was a mistake, and offer to send them the cover letter that you actually wrote for Citigroup trust me, they won't want it.

Should You Resend Your Application If You Notice A Mistake?

Put wrong date on all of my cover letters How much will this hurt? I put the wrong date on about 6 cover letters dropped through On Campus Recruiting, and I can't go back and change them. Instead of putting , I put it as How much is this going to hurt me, if everything else resume, content of my cover letter is ok?

I mean this is pretty minor, but I guess it is something that I could be auto-dinged for. I was just so used to putting as the date that I didn't realize it was And hopefully your choices can come from a deep sense of who you are. Good for you we recently started talking about resume and interview processes but the big thing for you is that it really wont matter much if it was only 6 drops as well. If the company reads the cover letters of each candidate You'll be working with some seriously scum bag people.

If this was on your resume though Resume is scrutinized with a trained eye Multiple times. Thankfully my resume is polished and has been looked over by at least 3 people. Note to self though - pay more attention to details. I did this as well, should I email the HR contact for my school and explain the problem or just leave it be?

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You guys are inspiring a very long post on how to not mess up in your first year but the basic principal is to look at your options. Call out the mistake Now we KNOW you messed up. Basically why would you highlight a bad point that will likely slip. In all seriousness, this even happens sometimes on pitchbooks etc at the beginning of the year and practically no deal in the history of man kind was lost on a typo that does not change valuations around. You're FREE. There is nothing you can do! All you would be doing is making them think you're bad.

To think about it, this is similar to "checking" to see if you answered your final exams correctly or not after the test, this is Inefficient because you cannot change the Results of your performance. Make sense? It's not a big deal. It's not going to hurt you. Most probably your cover letters won't be rear.

It's the resume that matters. In a freak event I managed to get an interview despite the fact that I addressed it to the wrong person, in fact someone who doesn't even work at the firm. Should I attempt to go on to the HR site to swap out, or come prepared with an excuse come interview time? I guess this just goes to show how irrelevant cover letters are in most cases, and how I should triple check everything I send out.

Lesson learned. I made a similar mistake at a firm and I ended up still getting the offer. If they saw it and you still got the interview then obviously they were willing to let it slide. When it came up during my superday I didn't make excuses for it, but owned up to my mistake and said that I realized that putting a mistake like that in front of a client would be inexcusable and that it wouldn't happen again.

Similar to what cooldurg said, just take responsibility if they brought it up. Figure out a good reason as to why you made the mistake, ignore it if they ignore it. One of my favorite quotes from WSO , hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

How to Address a Cover Letter: Sample & Guide [20+ Examples]

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